Ready To Own A Killinix Franchise?

Killinix Franchise Information

Benefits Of Owning A Franchise

Many contractors and exterminators can find themselves in an advantageous position wherein a partnership with Killinix would benefit everybody.

Personalized profile for a great online presence.

24/7 Customer support from our friendly staff.

Great quality leads sent directly to you.

Important information about pest control sent to you weekly.

Nationwide partnerships and agreements.

Ability to create and adjust your own work schedule.


Franchise Owners Love Us!

Set up your company to work alongside Killinix. Not only will your receive quality leads for work, your personal business will grow exponentially.

I grew my business alongside Killinix for years and nothing has produced more reliable results. I would recommend their services to any self-employed contractor.

Lance V.

Jacksonville, FL

When we started out, the best move we made was signing up with Killinix. Now we get a big chunk of jobs that we never even would’ve heard about if it weren’t for these guys.

Vince L.

Bar Harbor, ME

We’ve been around for a while, and Killinix certainly has the easiest and most convenient services around. Really talented people.

Ralph S.

Wichita, KS